Rob Davidson -


"If I could film with a samurai sword, I would." - Genghis Khan

I think he said that, I read it on a fortune cookie.


 And I say, never use something round when you can use something sharp.


Robert was raised by a pack of dolphins. But they kicked him out on account of him not being able to swim well. He finds himself behind the lens of a camera nowadays, polishing turds by computer light, and you may have heard "Rob Voice" on the radio or TV (Where he tries to not sound like himself, but ends up sounding... like himself)


Special Talents include : Sounding like a Prospector, taking it in the ass like a champ from his cilents, and picking out anniversary gifts for his wife.

Jaron {jer-in} Farmer -


A native Abilenean who found his way back west after studying Film at Baylor University. He cut his teeth in the industry working on feature length movies, a reality TV show, and for a news station. His musical timing and attention to detail aid him in both the editing and filming of any type of production. When he's not in the studio he's either out shooting, playing in his band, or riding his bike.


Special Talents include : Owning a Mini Cooper, Wearing hipster glasses, and playing instruments like a boss.


Sam Bedgood -


An alien to Texas, this pastey ginger has found her self plastered to her seat infront of an iMac, where she whips up wicked graphics and scans the crap out of slides. She hales from the Midwest where she learned how to talk like a Yankee and come with a different perspective on things.



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